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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Passing the torch: 10^100 Ideas

Project 10^100 is over. Now that Google has finally "launched" the project, this campaign has become irrelevant. I remain disappointed in Google's bungling of the project, but this platform is no longer the place to protest Google's actions. This post marks the end of Project 10^100 Now's communications.

Although this is the end of Project 10^100 Now, it is only the beginning for the protest against the new, crippled Project 10^100. 10^100 Ideas is attempting to circumvent Google's project entirely by gathering the ideas for public display and discussion. If you're unsatisfied with Google's handling of Project 10^100, submit your ideas, join the Facebook group, and follow the Twitter updates. Together, we can prevent the Project 10^100 ideas from fading into obscurity.

Author's note

I was not involved in the creation of 10^100 Ideas, and I will be a standard participant like everybody else. Of course, that doesn't mean that I've given up on internet activism. Project 10^100 Now won't be my last advocacy campaign. I'll see you on the internet!
— Evan Kroske