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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wild speculation: Project 10^100 finalists announced tomorrow?

Because there has been no news about Project 10100 since CNET's unverifiable "within a month" comment, I have decided to manufacture some news about the project. What follows is wild speculation and shaky logic; I have absolutely no knowledge of when Project 10100 will launch beyond Mayer's "this fall" comment.

According to Wikipedia, Google was officially founded September 4, 1998. Google celebrated its tenth anniversary in September of 2008, starting with a blog post about the future of search posted September 10. I believe Google is most likely to announce the Project 10100 finalists either tomorrow, the fourth, or next Thursday, the tenth. I believe the announcement will take place on or between those two dates.

What do you think? Is your secret Google source favoring a late September announcement, or is your inner Google sense telling you that November is the month?


  1. Good thinking, let's hope for the best. Keep it alive and well my man.

  2. Don't be too wishfull...

    I really hope the question is "when" and not "if".
    Google would lose much of my esteem if they'd cancel the project.

  3. I see nothing wrong with one hoping for the best, let alone expect the worst.

  4. It's been almost 1 year since the deadline. When are they going to announce the top finalists DOES ANYONE KNOW :)

  5. Yes. The voting is on until Oct 8. But...
    This is one big disappointment. The "merged" ideas are nothing but large categories...

  6. Correct, the "merged" ideas are pretty crappy and sound like they could be accomplished by a high school programmer or Google's Summer of Code.


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